Bella rosa

Experience culinary excellence with our versatile Bella Rosa Insulated Hot Pot Collection, featuring multiple sizes and a range of colors to enhance your dining experience. The sleek design ensures your dishes stay at the perfect temperature for up to 8 hours, from intimate family dinners to grand gatherings. Choose from various sizes and colors to transform every meal into a stylish affair. Discover the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality in our thoughtfully crafted Insulated Hot Pot Collection

Products Specifications
Available colours Pink, Blue, Brown And Many More
Available Sizes 800/1200/2400/3600
Available Combinations Single PC 2 PCS SET 3 PCS SET 3 PCS JUMBO 4 PCS SET
CBM/CARTON ( 2 PCS/ 3 PCS ) 0.144 [12 SETS ]
CBM/CARTON ( 4 PCS/ 3 PCS JUMBO ) 0.131 [6 SETS ]
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