Risotto Drizzle

xplore culinary perfection with our Risotto Drizzle Insulated Hot Pot Collection, offering various sizes and vibrant colors. The sleek design guarantees your dishes stay ideal for up to 8 hours, whether it’s a family dinner or a grand gathering. Choose from multiple sizes and colors, effortlessly adding style and functionality to your dining moments. Elevate your experience with our thoughtfully crafted Insulated Hot Pot Collection.


Products Specifications
Avilable colour Green, Blue, Pink And Many More
Avilable Sizes 800/1200/2400/3600
Avilable Combinations Single PC , 2 pcs Set, 3 Pcs Set, 3 Pcs Jumbo, 4 Pcs Set
CBM/CARTON ( 2 PCS/ 3 PCS ) 0.118 [12 SETS ]
CBM/CARTON ( 4 PCS/ 3 PCS JUMBO ) 0.101 [6 SETS ]
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